New York Satellite Starlink Internet

To date, billions of people are not connected to the Internet, which is probably one of the reasons the digital gap is at a high. However, whether to bridge such gap or address other tech feats, people from literally any part of the planet may now have access to the Internet with Space Exploration Technologies Corp or SpaceX’s satellite internet constellation Starlink.
SpaceX’s Starlink is a dream come true to those who have not had a chance to get connected to a decent Internet service and those who have been deprived of it. While available in cities, Starlink aims to bring Internet service especially to those living in sparsely populated areas, such as remote and rural locations, with more than decent speeds and low latency.
At this time of the pandemic, many of us are cooped up in our own spaces. But Starlink gives everyone the opportunity to work from anywhere, be it mountains, near lakes, beaches, or just any possible place. Thus, Starlink is that solution you are looking for if you want to bring your laptop and work a little far from your residence – registered residence.

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